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New: CowCare electric crush (CB8002) 28.05.2015

Because of the growing dairy herds, the request for hoof trimming crushes with electric engines is increasing. CowCare now can offer the CowCare electric crush with 5 electric engines (front legs, back legs and belly band) and a lot of other extra options for a very sharp price. For more information, look in the menu on the left under "Hoof trimming crushes/chutes".

Demonstration 800-1 and SP2 in Italy 26.05.2015

CowCare SIA organises on 12 June a demonstration in Italy where we will show the 800-1 and the 650SP2 working in a farm. All interested hoof trimmers, veterinaries and farmers are invited to visit the demonstration. There will also be a small market where we will sell all products and equipment often used during trimming. We also take care of the food and the drinks. Everybody is welcome. Date: 12 June. Address: Via Cella all'Oldo 36, Reggio nell'Emilia, ITALY. Time: 11.00 - 17.00 hours. If you are interested in participating, please send an email to


Stainless steel box for 800-1 26.05.2015

CowCare SIA can now offer a stainless steel box for on the back of the 800-1 crushes. The price of this box is € 375,- excl VAT. Inside the box will easily fit different boxes of tape etc. It fits on both the older as the newer models of the 800-1.


First farmers hoof trimming course organised in Latvia 26.05.2015

The Baltic Hoof Trimming Academy has organised its first hoof trimming course for Latvian farmers. CowCare as participant in the BHTA has taken care of a large part of the organisation. This very successful course will be continued in Latvia. Also we are planning to expand to Lithuania and Estonia, to organize these courses.


First 800-1 and SP2 delivered in Italy 26.05.2015

CowCare SIA has become active on the Italian market. The first 800-1 with fastloader trailer is delivered last month in combination with a 650SP2. Soon a second 650SP2 will be delivered in Italy. We are very happy with the excellent clients we have in Italy and look forward to see them during the coming demonstration in Italy.


Hoof trimming course HAS Den Bosch 26.05.2015

For students from the "Ruminenten", a study club from the HAS Den Bosch we organised a 4 day basic training in hoof trimming. We had a interested group of students which made the training a lot of fun. All students are now capable of doing the 5 step Dutch method and use it on their own cows.


Demonstration CC01 and CC02 in The Netherlands 26.05.2015

Directly after the Dutch hoof trimmers meeting we organised a demonstration with the CC01 and CC02 alloy crushes in The Netherlands. During the demonstration the difference between the leg fixation for the back legs on both crushes could be nicely compared. We would like to thank all visitors for their interest and the good talks we had.


Dutch hoof trimmers meeting 26.05.2015

A very busy and interesting Dutch hoof trimmers meeting this year. CowCare was present with 2 x 800-1, 2 x CC01 and 1 x CC02 hydraulic crushes. The interest in both different types of crushes was very good. Thanks to the organisation and to the clients which visited us.


New mobile shop for Baltic States 26.05.2015

In the Baltic States CowCare SIA visits on a monthly basis its clients. For this we use mobile shops. We have expended our fleet with this nice orange van. You could see it doing its job in Kurland, Latgale and Estonia.


Delivery second hand SA51 in NL 26.05.2015

To one of our clients in NL we have delivered this second hand SA51. For the client this is a nice crush to grow further, coming from a simple SA39. We hope to see you back in a couple of years to buy your first 800-1!


Delivery 800-1 + CowCare trolley wheel France 26.05.2015

Some months ago CowCare delivered a 800-1 with 200-1 gate system and CowCare trolley wheel to one of our clients in France. This client has changed from a local made French crush to this system because of the quality and durability. We wish him a lot of job satisfaction!


SA39 delivered 24.03.2015

Last week we delivered a SA39 hydraulic crush with axle to a Dutch farmer. From now on we can deliver these crushes with a COC (Certificate of Conformity), which ensures that this crush can get a numberplate in every EU country without any problems. Are you interested in this crush with a COC, contact us and we'll make you a price you cannot refuse.

CowCare trailer model 2015 24.03.2015

The CowCare trailer model 2015 is from now on available. We have made some changes compared to the model 2014. The wieght distribution is now better and on the front of the trailer there is a seperate part where the CowCare trolley wheel is placed. This ensures more secure transportation on the road. The alloy gates can be hung on the gate holders (made of alloy for lower weight) . On both sides it is possible to put 3 alloy gates.

650-SP2 delivered @ LV 04.02.2015

This week SIA KJ serviss in cooperation with SIA CowCare delivered hydraulic hoof trimming crush to Smiltenes College. College preparing veterinary assistants what’s mean in future we can wait smarter and more professional people in veterinary assistant job market, who also will be more educated in hoof trimming field. Have a nice study process!

Week action on our Facebook group 23.01.2015

Every week we have a week action/offer on our Facebook group. Become a member of our group and benefit from large discounts on hoof trimming equipment and tools. This week we offer a 20% discount on Hauptner knives. Click on the link below to registrate in our Facebook group.

Direct link to CowCare Facebook group.

Price change SP0, SP2 and 800-1 21.01.2015

The 2015 prices for the SP0 , SP2 and 800-1 are now included on the website. For these crushes it is possible to download a PDF which includes directly the price quotation with the extra options possible on this type of crush. As client, you can select directly which options you want and calculate the price.

Christmas greetings 20.12.2014

We wish all of our customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. CowCare will not have holidays, but we can be delayed in answering your requests. See you in 2015!

SA51 demo version for sale 19.12.2014

Immediately available a demo version of the SA51 hydraulic hoof trimming crush. This crush is equipped with the following options: disc brake system, metal doors in alloy gates and double pulling wheel. Price: € 18.500,- exc VAT. For more information and pictures contact us.


CC02 alloy chute 18.12.2014

From 01-01-2015 the CC02 will be introduced. The CC02 is has a different leg fixation for the back legs, compared to the CC01. The CC02 is available with an axle to pull behind a car and without. We are working on getting the latest information on our website. See picture below.

WhatsApp 18.12.2014

From now on CowCare SIA is reachable also by WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a free app available for Android phones and iPhones. You can contact us by WhatsApp on the following telephone numbers: (00371 2917 2713 and 0031 64 22 88 638). Orders, questions all you can send by WhatsApp

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