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International hoof trimming course, 4 days in the Netherlands 05.02.2016

In combination with the Baltic Hoof Trimming Academy and Jan Bakker from Cownexxion, we are organising a 4 day hoof trimming course in the north of the Netherlands for 18 till 21 April. The course will be given in English. A maximum of 9 persons can participate in the course. This course is for beginning hoof trimmers and also farmers. If you are interested, contact us, so we can send you the information flyer.

First 800-1 in Spain delivered 05.02.2016

The first 800-1 has been delivered in Spain. This crush has been galvanized and equipped with several options. The hoof trimmer which bought the 800-1 has a company working with multiple Spanish made crushes. On the first day of delivery we directly went to the Ponderosa Holstein farm, where the cows where getting trimmed with the new 800-1. Ponderosa Holsteins is the place where the top 10 Holsteins of Europe are standing. By trimming directly the first day with the new 800-1 on this farm, the Spanish hoof trimmer showed his skills and trust in the new 800-1. The impression which the 800-1 made was excellent and all where very satisfied about the crush. Below a movie of Ponderosa Holsteins, a must visit when in the neighbourhood.

Japanese hoof trimming knives 05.02.2016

We have them in stock again, the Japanese hoof trimming knives. Both sides. These Japanese hoof trimming knives are a must have for your collection. If you would like to order, contact us by email.

LED lights do their job! 05.02.2016

When working inside a barn, it is important to have good working lights on your crush. Without good lights it is difficult to work. The 650SP2, 800-1, 1000-1 and the Alu-Hooftrimmers are needless to say standard equipped with LED lights.

18 year old 800-1 still going strong 05.02.2016

From Spain we got this picture from an 18 year old 800-1 still going strong on a 1200 cow dairy farm. All cows are trimmed 2 till 3 times per year with this crush. The crush has be re-painted from the original green in a silver colour. If it will make it till 25 years, it will be painted gold....

800-1 also suitable for heifers and Jerseys 05.02.2016

Sometimes we get the question if an 800-1 is also suitable for trimming heifers or smaller cow breeds like Jerseys. The answer to this question is shown in the picture. We got this picture from an Italian client, trimming a herd of Jerseys. On every 800-1 the front gate can be simple put back a bit so smaller cows can also be fixated and trimmed without problems. Thanks Riccardo for the picture!

SP2 with trailer system 05.02.2016

From one of our clients in Italy we got the following picture. It is a SP2 hoof trimming crush, combined with a gate system, on a machinetransporter trailer. In this way it is possible to have a very compact combination, which makes fast loading and unloading possible. A trailer with an electric winch with remote control make loading and unloading even faster. A relatively smart system for hoof trimmers which are also doing smaller herds. If you would like to have a price quotation for such a combination, feel free to contact us.

Small price increase 2016 05.02.2016

For 2016 we see a small price increase on the the following models: 650SP2, 800-1 and 1000-1. We are currently changing the price quotations also on the website.

How to setup your gate system. 09.12.2015

This picture we got from one of our clients. A very nice setup from one of our Dutch clients with a 800-1 hydraulic hoof trimming chute. One cow standing ready at all times ensures that you can do your job: hoof trimming!

December is a busy month! 09.12.2015

Busy weeks at the moment. Monday already left 6 pallets to different countries in Europe. Next load standing ready for shipment this Friday. We've sharp prices for the glues (Technovit2Bond, Hoof-tite and BoviBond), wooden blocks and mixing tips. Also sharp priced is our tape. Convince yourself and contact us for a price quotation!

500-0 catching fold delivered 09.12.2015

Last week we delivered a 500-0 catching fold to one of our clients in The Netherlands. Both the 500-0 and the 500-1 have been changed this year. They are now equipped with the same alloy gates as on the 200-0 and 200-1 gate systems. This makes the weight lower.

CC01 and CC02 now with trailer 30.11.2015

We already had the CC01 and CC02 with axle and without axle. But now we also have the version which is equipped with small wheels and can be transported on a custom made trailer. Soon we will publish more information on our website.

3 new 800-1's delivered in Italy 12.11.2015

This week CowCare delivered 3 new 800-1 hydraulic hoof trimming crushes to 3 different clients in Italy. We wish all 3 hoof trimmers lots of working pleasure with their new crushes!

New movies on CowCare YouTube channel! 03.11.2015

On the CowCare YouTube channel ( you can find all movies about different crushes and products we have avilable. At the moment we have placed 2 new movies online, one about the demonstration in Italy: and one about the Fastloader trailer with remote control: Have fun watching our Channel!

Second hand 650SP2 for sale [SOLD] 27.10.2015

[SOLD] CowCare has for sale a second hand 650SP2. For more details look in the menu on the left under "Second hand equipment".

Second hand 800-1 for sale [SOLD] 21.10.2015

SOLD! CowCare offers for sale a second hand 800-1 in excellent condition. Equipped with a 200-0 gate frame, CowCare trolley wheel and seperate alloy gates (8 x 2,2 mtr). For more pictures and the price, contact us by phone or email.

New, Dick knives! 08.09.2015

New in our assortiment are the Dick knives. These knives are produced and controlled according to many years of experience. They are characterized by a long working life and top raw materials. Check them out now, in the menu on the left under "Hoof trimming tools".

Full combination for Czech Republic 05.09.2015

Yesterday we delivered the second 800-1 to our Czech clients when they were visiting in the Netherlands. A nice combination of a 800-1 with 200-1 gate system, CowCare trailer and CowCare trolley wheel. The VW Amarok should be able to easy pull it over the Autobahn back to the Czech Republic. Was nice meeting you guys and I hope to visit you end of September to see it working.

First CowCare newsletter in English send out 01.09.2015

Today we have send out our first CowCare newsletter in English by email. In this newsletter you will find information about our company and new products etc. Also attached you will find a price list with products, with special prices, valid till 31-12-2015. If you did not receive the newsletter and would like to, send us an email! We'll make sure you get one directly.

electric crush

CowCare Electric crush 17.08.2015

We already some months before put this crush on our website, but now we want to put it in the spotlight. An electric hoof trimming crush with 5 electric motors and electric functions for the front legs, belly band and back legs. Fully galvanized, with wider floor with rubber mattress, service arm with electricity contacts and LED lights. And that all for the price of € 4750,- excl VAT. For more information look in the menu on the left side.

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