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CowCare trolley wheel 13.08.2014

The CowCare trolley wheel we have developed to fit with our CowCare trailers. It is desgined for the 800-1, but we can adjust it also for other brands of hoof trimming chutes. Shortly will follow more information on our website about the trolley wheel.



SA0051 delivered in Estonia 13.08.2014

One of our clients has purchased a SA0051 hydraulic hoof trimming chute for its 800 head dairy farm. The farm has 2 locations therefore is choosen for a SA0051 which can be put behind the car.



Full set delivered in The Netherlands 13.08.2014

Delivered to one of our clients in The Netherlands last month: a CowCare trailer with holders for the alloy gates of the 200-1 gate system. A 800-1 hydraulic hoof trimming chute, equipped with a CowCare trolley wheel.



SA0039 delivered in Estonia 13.08.2014

Last week we delivered a SA0039 hydraulic chute to a veterinary company from Tartu area, Estonia. They are offering hooftrimming services for their clients in the area. The SA0039 is light and easy to handle.



The 200-1 gate system 13.08.2014

In the picture you see the 200-1 gate system, connected to a 800-1. This gate system is largely made from alloy, making it easy to handle. It has a catching fold for one cow, just behind the chute. Equipped with extra gates, so you can keep multiple cows in line. On our website we soon will publish additional pictures and information.



Second 800-1 for Damink Agrarische Dienstverlening 13.08.2014

Within 2 years after changing from a Dutch type hoof trimming chute to a 800-1 hydraulic chute, Damink Agrarische Dienstverlening in the Netherlands has bought its second 800-1. We can even say that it is the only hoof trimming company growing in a area crowded with hoof trimmers. This again shows the strenght of the 800-1!



NRM - Dutch Dairy Show 27/28 June 27.05.2014

The NRM was a well organised and good visited exhibition/show. We have spoken with farmers and hoof trimmers from all over the world. The interest for both the 800-1 and the CC01 hoof trimming chutes was very good. Also the new trolley wheel which we are producing got good comments. We would like to thank all visitors and we hope to see you again in the near future.

2 CC01's working together in one farm 10.04.2014

On our YouTube channel you can find a new movie (made by Yvonne van Driel) where you see 2 Dutch hooftrimmers working together with their CC01's on a large dairy farm in the Netherlands. For the movie click here:


Latvian agricultural exhibition 08.04.2014

Also this year CowCare SIA participated in the Latvian Agricultural Exhibition. A good amount of our Latvian clients have found our stand where we showed some of the new products we have in our assortiment like for example the Intra SprayPro system. All clients, thanks for visiting us.

Dutch hoof trimmers meeting 08.04.2014

CowCare SIA had a successful Dutch hoof trimmers meeting. We presented both the new CC01 Alloy hoof trimming chute as the 800-1 on our stand. The interest was great! We would like to thank the organising committee for this wonderful day.


The new CowCare CC01 lightweight alloy chute! 26.03.2014

Proudly we present the new CowCare CC01 lightweight alloy hoof trimming chute. Coming Friday the introduction in the Netherlands during the Dutch hoof trimmers meeting. There will be 4 CC01's present from 3 different hoof trimmers which already are working with it. For more information look under "Hoof trimming crushes/chutes".


Estonian farmers interested in NEDAP system 07.03.2014

This week CowCare SIA had the pleasure to show the automatic heat detection system of NEDAP to a group of 15 Estonian farmers. After visiting our demo farm (z/s Vītoliņi) they were convinced of the efficiency and fast return of investment time of the system.


Rakvere Dairy Union chooses 800-1 + 200-1 07.03.2014

This month we delivered a KVK 800-1 hydraulic hoof trimming chute with 200-1 gate system to Rakvere Dairy Union in Estonia. The cooperation has around 20 members with an average of 200 cows per farm. The RDU will employ its own professional hoof trimmer, which will trim the cows of cooperative clients.

800-1 delivered for largest dairy farm in Latvia

One of the largests dairy farms in Latvia has chosen for a KVK800-1 hoof trimming chute for trimming their cows.

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Something new and surprising coming in February 29.01.2014

We cannot give any additional information yet, except the picture below. Interested in this chute, keep a watch on our website in February!

CowCare girls from Czech Republic 28.01.2014

As a present we send two CowCare jackets to one of our clients in Czech Republic. But instead of the hooftrimmers wearing the jackets, we got back a picture of our new Czech promo team: The CowCare girls!

The new 200-1 gate system

This new gates system could already been seen during the BoviBond days in Germany in November. But from now on, it is also available for all clients. This gate system has is attached to the chute, but still gives you a free working space around the chute.

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Interesting information about Udder Cleft Dermatitis

CowCare SIA is dealer for Intracare products in the Baltic States. Intracare in 2013 introduced the Repiderma spray which is a product targeting the interdigital en digital dermatitis.

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