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3 new 800-1's delivered in Italy 12.11.2015

This week CowCare delivered 3 new 800-1 hydraulic hoof trimming crushes to 3 different clients in Italy. We wish all 3 hoof trimmers lots of working pleasure with their new crushes!

New movies on CowCare YouTube channel! 03.11.2015

On the CowCare YouTube channel ( you can find all movies about different crushes and products we have avilable. At the moment we have placed 2 new movies online, one about the demonstration in Italy: and one about the Fastloader trailer with remote control: Have fun watching our Channel!

Second hand 650SP2 for sale [SOLD] 27.10.2015

[SOLD] CowCare has for sale a second hand 650SP2. For more details look in the menu on the left under "Second hand equipment".

Second hand 800-1 for sale [SOLD] 21.10.2015

SOLD! CowCare offers for sale a second hand 800-1 in excellent condition. Equipped with a 200-0 gate frame, CowCare trolley wheel and seperate alloy gates (8 x 2,2 mtr). For more pictures and the price, contact us by phone or email.

New, Dick knives! 08.09.2015

New in our assortiment are the Dick knives. These knives are produced and controlled according to many years of experience. They are characterized by a long working life and top raw materials. Check them out now, in the menu on the left under "Hoof trimming tools".

Full combination for Czech Republic 05.09.2015

Yesterday we delivered the second 800-1 to our Czech clients when they were visiting in the Netherlands. A nice combination of a 800-1 with 200-1 gate system, CowCare trailer and CowCare trolley wheel. The VW Amarok should be able to easy pull it over the Autobahn back to the Czech Republic. Was nice meeting you guys and I hope to visit you end of September to see it working.

First CowCare newsletter in English send out 01.09.2015

Today we have send out our first CowCare newsletter in English by email. In this newsletter you will find information about our company and new products etc. Also attached you will find a price list with products, with special prices, valid till 31-12-2015. If you did not receive the newsletter and would like to, send us an email! We'll make sure you get one directly.

electric crush

CowCare Electric crush 17.08.2015

We already some months before put this crush on our website, but now we want to put it in the spotlight. An electric hoof trimming crush with 5 electric motors and electric functions for the front legs, belly band and back legs. Fully galvanized, with wider floor with rubber mattress, service arm with electricity contacts and LED lights. And that all for the price of € 4750,- excl VAT. For more information look in the menu on the left side.

hoof trimming crush

Delivery 800-1 to milk cooperative in Estonia 14.08.2015

This week CowCare delivered a 800-1 hydraulic hoof trimming crush in combination with a 200-1 gate system and CowCare trolley wheel to E-Piim. This crush has a lot of extra's: Infrared eye with remote control, inside 5 cm higher, second angle grinder cable reel, extra cupholders, extra 220V contacts, extra strong backdoor with removeable pipe etc. E-Piim is the largest dairy cooperative in Estonia and has bought this crush after comparing a lot of different brands and models (both European and American). The 800-1 will be used to offer excellent hoof trimming services to their own cooperative members. The Estonian hoof trimmer which is going to work with it is trained in Finland. We hope this investment will be a benefit for all their cooperative members and look forward to the first pictures when trimming with it.

CowGenetics, distributor for ABS Global genetics in Latvia 10.08.2015

The owners of CowCare have started a second company on the Latvian market with the name CowGenetics. CowGenetics is from now on the distributor for ABS Global genetics on the Latvian market. ABS Global is the world-leading provider of bovine genetics, reproduction services, technologies and udder care products. Marketing in more than 70 countries around the globe, ABS has been at the forefront of animal genetics and technology since its founding in 1941. We are looking forward to working together!

Hydraulic crush for sale 05.08.2015

RESERVED. For sale: Hoekstra hydraulic crush, with hydraulic function for lifting belly band, back legs and axle. Front winch is lifted with hand winches. Cow exits the crush through the front door. Weight below 750 kilogram. Price is € 1000,- excl VAT. Location: The Netherlands. For info send us an email or call!

SP0's suitable for farmers 05.08.2015

Last week we delivered a SP0 to one of our clients in Latvia. There are different crushes suitable for farmers which we offer, both Dutch and Danish systems. This farmer choose for a SP0 because of the leg fixation and support plates. For more info about the SP0 and other crushes we offer for farmers, click in the menu on the left on "hoof trimming crushes".

See a 800-1 working in reality? 03.08.2015

This year we already had many international visitors in the Netherlands to see the 800-1 working in reality. We can arrange visits if you are interested in this. Our clients work with different transportation systems and that makes it simple to see different ways of trimming and transportation in a short term. Do as the clients in the picture did and come to see the 800-1 and the alloy crushes (CC01 and CC02) working in reality.

International hoof trimmers meeting in France 03.08.2015

End of July CowCare was present on the International Hoof Trimmers meeting in France, organised by the ANPB (the French hoof trimmers association). During the meeting we showed a new 800-1 together with the CowCare trolley wheel and the model 2015 CowCare trailer. Also our stand with products got a large amount of interest from the visitors. We hope see everybody again next year on the next French hoof trimmers meeting.

July delivery month! 02.08.2015

In the July we had a large amount of deliveries of crushes in several countries, in the Netherlands we delivered two new 800-1's. One totally in the north to a new client of us. In the south we delivered number three already to a family company. More and more hoof trimmers start to see the large amount of positive points of the 800-1.

First SP2 in Sicily! 01.08.2015

During the demonstrations in Italy we also delivered a SP2 to one of our Italian clients. This SP2 will be working on the Island of Sicily. We wish Giovanni lots of job satisfaction with his new crush!

Demonstration 800-1 and SP2 in Italy (2) 01.08.2015

In the mid of June CowCare organised a demonstration with the 800-1 and SP2 hydraulic crushes for Italian hoof trimmers and veterinaries. CowCare is the official dealer for KVK curshes in Italy. During this beautifull sunny day we welcomed around 80 interested professionals. The reactions where very positive. We would like to thank two of our clients Angelo and Luigi for their support for organizing this demonstration.

New: CowCare electric crush (CB8002) 28.05.2015

Because of the growing dairy herds, the request for hoof trimming crushes with electric engines is increasing. CowCare now can offer the CowCare electric crush with 5 electric engines (front legs, back legs and belly band) and a lot of other extra options for a very sharp price. For more information, look in the menu on the left under "Hoof trimming crushes/chutes".

Demonstration 800-1 and SP2 in Italy 26.05.2015

CowCare SIA organises on 12 June a demonstration in Italy where we will show the 800-1 and the 650SP2 working in a farm. All interested hoof trimmers, veterinaries and farmers are invited to visit the demonstration. There will also be a small market where we will sell all products and equipment often used during trimming. We also take care of the food and the drinks. Everybody is welcome. Date: 12 June. Address: Via Cella all'Oldo 36, Reggio nell'Emilia, ITALY. Time: 11.00 - 17.00 hours. If you are interested in participating, please send an email to


Stainless steel box for 800-1 26.05.2015

CowCare SIA can now offer a stainless steel box for on the back of the 800-1 crushes. The price of this box is € 375,- excl VAT. Inside the box will easily fit different boxes of tape etc. It fits on both the older as the newer models of the 800-1.


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